Nohkoms quilt series 


Cowboys and Indians quilt
Many Directions quilt & Sun and Moon Quilt
Earth Air Water quilt & Don't shoot my star...

The art can tell a story of my journey into the landscape of Cold Lake of my ancestors land called ‘Paquette Flats’. I envision with my mouse spirit through the eyes of my ancestral Nohkom, I fuse the stories layered in materials to engaging and embracing European plants now living in our landscape with native plants.  Toys, measuring tapes, floor pieces ect.. Evolve into as quilt instead of a blanket as a Metis I honour my Scottish,Cree, Denesuline ancestors a warm embrace of our mind body and spirit to honour and respect in that our culture can be found in the plant and boreal forest. 

© 2017 by Heather Shillinglaw Metis Arist 

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